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What Is a JPG File: Understanding the Format

What Is a JPG File: Understanding the Format

by Alexa Davis

If you are still wondering 'what is a JPG file', we'll help you figure it out. First of all, is JPEG the same as JPG? Yes, a JPG (or JPEG), pronounced “J-peg” are images of the same type. Sometimes you’ll see the file extension .jpg, while other times you’ll see .jpeg. Follow along to learn more.

JPG meaning

JPG or JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the name of a company that created JPG in 1992.

The reason JPG pictures were created was to give people the ability to share compressed images in a more efficient way. The JPG format algorithm compresses data from the original picture to make the file size more compact. This means that you can convert pictures to JPG, and they can be shared much easier, which is vital for sharing over the Internet.

Removing data does, of course, lower the quality of the image overall, but people generally won’t be able to notice this.

Benefits of JPG

Thanks to its many benefits, the JPG format has become the most common image format worldwide. People are able to capture JPGs with digital cameras and smartphones, create graphics with the software, upload these pictures to social media, share them on an email, and more besides. JPG pics have many advantages:

  • They offer high resolution. The JPG format supports 24-bit color (which includes as many as 16 million different colors). This is why JPG photos have been used for encoding and compressing digital images with a high resolution.
  • JPEG file sizes are smaller. If you think of JPG to PNG or BMP comparison, the JPGs will be relatively more compact in size. This makes it much more suitable for distributing online or storing.
  • Adjustable compression. It’s actually possible to adjust how much compression a particular JPG has. You can choose the proper balance between file size and image quality.

How to open JPG

We've answered the question "what is a JPG", let's now move on to the next one.

Opening a JPEG file is straightforward. It does depend on the device you’re using but as long as you’re familiar with your device and operating system, you shouldn’t find this difficult at all.

On a Windows computer, it’s as simple as opening File Explorer (press the Windows key and E at the same time). You’ll see a folder icon that has a blue clip. Simply click this and find the folder that contains your JPG image.

It's also possible to open the JPG file in a different program than the default. For this, you’ll need to right-click on the file in its location and then click “Open with”. This will bring up different software programs that you can choose from like GIMP, Photoshop, and MS Paint.

How to edit JPG

To edit a JPEG file, you can use a number of different programs such as those mentioned above, depending on what you want to edit. The Windows photo app even has basic editing features like cropping, re-sizing, and rotating. You can also make lighting adjustments, add filters, flip, straighten the image, and change the aspect ratio.

How to convert JPG

It's possible to convert JPEGs to other formats. If you open a JPG in the Windows Photos app, for example, you can edit it and save it as a PNG file.

If you want to change a JPG file to a PDF or vice versa online, you can use JPG to PDF and PDF to JPG free online converters.

With PDF Candy, you can also convert PNG to PDF, BMP to PDF and even TIFF to PDF files in just a couple of mouse clicks absolutely free of charge. This might be handy if you have multiple images of various formats.

Final Thought

Today we covered the topic of what is a JPG and how to work with it. Despite being a universal format for transmitting images, JPG or JPEG still doesn’t cover all the needs. It is easy to work with, but sometimes PDF is all takes to make your files comprehensive for everyone. Today we learned how to turn your JPG to PDF, and you can use these tips to ease your life a bit.

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