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The best JPG to PDF converter to combine multiple images into a single PDF

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Convert JPG images to PDF

With PDF Candy, you aren't limited to JPG picture format only. This JPG to PDF converter supports JPG, JPEG, PNG and other most popular image formats, too.

Files are automatically deleted

Whatever documents you need to convert, we make sure they are all secure. Due to our Privacy Policy, your files aren't stored for longer than 2 hours and never shared with third parties.

JPG to PDF online

Convert JPG to PDF on any device and OS on the go. Access our converter from any place with a stable Internet connection. Don't waste time and device capacity on installing anything extra.

Best JPG to PDF converter

Our website provides the users with the fastest and most convenient image to PDF conversion process. Its intuitive minimalistic interface allows you to create PDF from images without watermarking. And it's free!

Batch processing

This converter supports batch processing. It means that you can combine multiple JPG files into one PDF effortlessly in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Advanced settings

Customize the conversion before changing JPG to PDF: choose margin and page size and orientation of the output file. Otherwise, you can always use default settings if it suits you.
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JPG to PDF converter key features:

1Sort JPG files in alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A).
2Zoom in images in a preview mode for a better experience.
3Add up to 100 image files for JPG to PDF conversion.
4Merge JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF files.

Frequently Asked Questions – JPG to PDF

Is image quality preserved during JPG to PDF conversion?
Image compression settings are synced with the original files.
I have to convert thousands of JPG images to PDF. Is it possible?
Sure, it is! However, we recommend using our offline app for Windows for such cases – PDF Candy Desktop.
Can I share the result file with my colleagues?
Yes, absolutely. You can upload files to cloud storage or create and share PDF by URL. Please note that all files are permanently deleted from our servers 2 hours after processing, and if you need to share it for longer please use the ‘Share’ function on the download page. In this case, the file will be available for 7 days.
Is there a way to protect a PDF file after JPG to PDF conversion?
You can further edit your file and easily password protect it with our Protect PDF tool.
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