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Add Page Numbers to PDF

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Adding page numbers to PDF has never been easier

or drag & drop

How to add page numbers to a PDF

Upload a file from your device or cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox). Choose the numbering format and its position on PDF pages. Initiate the process and then download the new created document.

Cross-platform tool

Using PDF Candy website, you can add page numbers to a PDF on any device and OS. Be it a Windows PC, a Macbook on macOS, an Android tablet, or an iPhone, you’ll be able to work from any of them.

Add page numbers to PDF at no cost

Our service is free-to-use. We make sure you add page numbers or work with any other tool of PDF Candy without ads, or necessary registration.

Multiple sharing options

After processing, you can save an output file back on the device. Create a download link with a QR code to share the PDF by URL. Another option is to upload your document to supported cloud storages: Google Drive and Dropbox.

Structure preserved

When you add page numbers to a PDF with our service, we leave the layout of the uploaded file untouched. This guarantees you receive the output PDF as-is, but numbered.

Fast and simple PDF processing

We are aiming at simplifying your life and saving your time with the help of our tools. Ease of use and cloud processing allow us to provide you with the fastest results on the market.
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Customize adding page numbers to PDF:

1The “Start from:” option defines the 1st page of the PDF document for which numbers will be applied. “To:” defines the last numbered one.
2Choose the numbers' format from 3 options: "1, 2, 3..." to simply enumerate your pages. As stated above, you can start from any page. The output file will have the numbering you usually see in books.
3Finally, the “Position” drop-down list stands for choosing the exact placing of numbering in the output PDF file. Add page numbers to PDF in one of the 6 following positions: top left, center, or right, and bottom left, center, or right.