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Fast and free BMP to PDF converter

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The best service to convert BMP to PDF

Turn BMP pictures to PDFs instantly. We make converting files quick and effortless. Our BMP file to PDF tool won’t watermark the resulting documents and will keep the quality of the original pic.

Keep your files safe

The uploaded docs aren’t stored on our service for longer than 2 hours. They are never given to a third party and remain confidential. PDF Candy uses SSL encryption to ensure everything is 100% secure.

Convert BMP files on any OS

Our BMP to PDF converter works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Change bitmap photos on any device, be it a PC, a tablet, or a mobile phone.


It’s very easy to turn BMP to PDF with our help. The toolkit is intuitive and even those inexperienced with computers will have no problem converting bitmaps here.

Bulk conversion

Multiple BMP images can be converted to one PDF file in seconds with our help. Simply find the pics you want to convert, drag and drop them (or click to upload), and the task is done.

Cloud-based software

Our BMP to PDF converter is entirely cloud-based. This means that no additional software or apps downloads are required. All you need is a stable Internet connection to change images to PDF.
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How to convert BMP to PDF:

1Drag & drop BMP file(s) into the browser. Alternatively, add them from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
2Choose the pages and margin size for the output PDF. You can keep the original size of uploaded images or use the US letter or A4 size. For margins, pick either small, big, or no margins. Rearrange pictures if needed.
3Click ‘Convert file(s)’ to initiate the BMP to PDF conversion.
4Once done, click ‘Download file’, share it, or save the output doc to the cloud storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About BMP to PDF Conversion

Is the quality of the BMP preserved?
Yes. You don’t need to worry about the quality. The BMP images will be converted to high-resolution PDFs.
Can I share the converted BMP pic with others?
Yes. You can share a URL or a QR code for the output PDF. If you use this function, the file will be available for seven days before it is removed from the system, but you can delete it manually anytime.

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