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Best free PDF to XLS tool

Converting PDF to Excel while keeping the conversion as efficient as possible is indeed a complex task to fulfill. Nonetheless, PDF Candy is the service to manage it for you completely free of charge.

Convert PDF to Excel fast

Thanks to our cloud-based servers, you will receive the output Excel spreadsheet in no time. The conversion process takes mere seconds.

Files are automatically deleted

Your security matters, so we never share the files with third parties. We also don’t store them for longer than 2 hours and automatically delete them afterward. Convert PDF to Excel securely.

Cross-device PDF to Excel converter

We make sure you aren't limited to using our online toolset on a specific machine or OS. To turn PDF to XLS, you only need a stable Internet connection and a browser.

User-friendly PDF to XLS solution

You don't need any technical proficiency to know how to convert PDF to Excel worksheet. The intuitive interface of our service allows changing PDF to Excel in one click.

Convert PDF to XLS at no cost

Not only is this PDF converter easy to use, but it also has no ads and is free. Nothing ruins your experience with our website.
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How to convert PDF to Excel?

1Upload your PDF by clicking the “+Add file” button or drag and drop file into the browser’s tab. Another option: upload a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.
2The PDF to Excel conversion starts automatically.
3Get an output spreadsheet and either download it to your device or further share it: upload the document back to Google Drive or Dropbox or create a URL link or a QR code for easy file sharing.

PDF to Excel - FAQ

Can I convert more than one PDF to Excel at once?
No, currently only one document can be converted at a time. The conversion speed is so fast that it won’t be an issue to process multiple files one by one. If you still need batch processing try PDF Candy Desktop.

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