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The number one tool for converting PNG images to PDF online

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Convert PNG to PDF for free

PDF Candy offers a handy tool for combining PNGs into PDF file. Turn images to easily shareable documents at no cost.

Files are deleted automatically

Security is one of our top priorities. No PNG or PDF will ever be shared with a third party. We also never store the converted or uploaded docs for more than 2 hours. Only if you create a 'Share' link.

No software installation

Our online PNG to PDF converter doesn't require installing any additional programs or apps. Save time and space by dragging and dropping pictures into the browser.

User-friendly interface

We provide you with a one-stop shop for all file conversion needs, allowing you to convert PNG to PDF anytime anywhere using an incredibly intuitive interface. All tools are cost- and watermark-free.

Batch PNG to PDF converter

Our robust tool enables you to quickly learn how to convert PNG to PDF. Upload images from your device and cloud storage at the same time to merge PNGs into a single PDF.

Advanced settings

Customize the PNG to PDF conversion as you wish. Choose page sizes, adjust margins, and select page orientation when available.
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PNG to PDF converter key features

1Conveniently combine PNG to PDF along with JPG, GIF, BMP, and even TIFF photos.
2Easy-to-use drag-and-drop mechanism to add photos or images in a bulk.
3Image preview for better user experience.
4Sort added pictures in alphabetical order.

FAQ - Convert PNG to PDF

Do the images remain intact and of good quality?
They sure do, all the PNG files that you convert to PDF maintain approximately the same quality level as the original images.
Can I share the converted file afterward?
Absolutely! Our cloud storage system ensures that everything you convert can be uploaded directly to Google Drive or Dropbox or sent via URL or QR code. The Share function on the download page will allow for the file to remain reachable for up to 7 days (as opposed to the standard 2 hours mentioned before).
Can I add a watermark after conversion?
Once you save a PNG as a PDF, you will be presented with a list of additional features, where you can add a watermark, rearrange pages, protect PDF, and much more.

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