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Add Watermark to PDF

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The easiest way to insert watermark in PDF for free

or drag & drop

Add watermark to PDF securely

We value your privacy and protect sensitive information. We never share any uploaded data with third parties and make sure all documents remain safe and sound.

How to watermark PDF on any device

As PDF Candy is an online cross-platform service, you can watermark PDF files on any OS. Work on your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet. Internet connection is all you need to benefit from our website.

Document structure preserved

We don't alter the structure of the uploaded PDFs. If you only need to add watermark to PDF, it will be done without any changes to the file's content.

Watermark PDF in the cloud

Don't waste extra time waiting for your PDF to be watermarked. You need fast and proper results, and we provide you with the output docs before you know it.

Advanced settings

Type in the text or upload an image to be used as a watermark. You can choose where to locate the watermark, and check it in a preview mode before you apply the watermark to PDF.

Add watermark to PDF easily

Our tools were designed to be convenient and handy for all sorts of users. Protect your important files’ copyright effortlessly thanks to minimalistic and comfortable to work with GUI.
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How to add watermark to PDF?

1Upload a PDF from your device or from cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox).
2Add watermark to PDF by typing a text or inserting an image.
3Choose the placement of the watermark on the document’s pages: top (left, center, right), middle (left, center, right), or bottom (left, center, right).
4Click the “Add watermark” button to initiate the process.
5Download the output file or share it via a URL link, a QR code, or upload it back to the cloud storage. Alternatively, you can continue working with the PDF by further editing it.