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How to Edit a PDF File Without Software?

How to Edit a PDF File Without Software?

by Alexa Davis

Every PC user sooner or later has to deal with PDF files. The most convenient way to work with this format is to edit PDF online. That's because and online PDF editor does not require installation and all the necessary manipulations are performed directly in the browser in a matter of minutes.

PDF format offers the convenient way to create and keep documentation in electronic form. However, to edit PDF content, you will most likely need special software, which is often paid and needs to be installed on your computer. Some PDF editing software also requires you to enter personal information: bank card number, city of residence, and so on in order to create an account. This causes some difficulties for many users.

We offer you the full guide showing how to edit a PDF file without software installation. You will only need a browser and Internet connection.

How to edit a PDF file without any software

PDF Candy has a wide range of handy tools for working with PDF files. It is suitable for occasional online PDF editing , as well as for professional daily use. Follow the steps below to start using the free PDF editor without any prior program or app installation:

  1. Go to the PDF editor page.
  2. Add a file for modifying. It can be uploaded from your PC as well as from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Then the selected document opens. On the left side is the PDF editor's toolset, and on the right side is the file's pages thumbnails.
  4. The PDF editing tools to change the document have a wide range of possibilities. Check the full list of all the options below. Apply what's needed.
  5. Finish editing the file using the "Export" button.
  6. To save the document to your PC, click "Download file". Uploading to Dropbox and Google Drive is available, too.

How to edit a PDF file without software

Now you know how to edit a PDF without Adobe or any other similar software. Thanks to the PDF Candy service, everyone can edit PDF for free at any time. For example, on the way to the office, in traffic, on the subway, and so on.

Tools to edit PDF online

  • "Hand" gives you the ability to move the page in any direction. To activate the tool of the online PDF editor, click the button with the hand symbol. You can now easily browse the file and move the content around;
  • "Select" allows you to select an object for further work with it;
  • "Text" makes changes directly to the text content of the document. Select the area to edit with the left mouse button click. In addition, the text tool allows you to adjust some additional parameters. These are color and size of letters, as well as conversion of a phrase to "bold" or italic writing;
  • "Highlight text". Highlight the most important sentences, create a preliminary structure, emphasize something important. There are 10 basic colors available;
  • "Pencil" - probably the most common tool of any PDF editor. You can use it to draw a geometric figure, make small notes, and so on. There are 10 basic colors available to the user, as well as an outline thickness setting;
  • "Rectangle" allows you to highlight an area of the document, draw a rectangular figure for a header, and so on. Change the color of the outline and fill, as well as the thickness of the outline and opacity of the object. Such settings make the tool more flexible for the user's needs;
  • "Whiteout" removes unnecessary content;
  • "Line" emphasizes the desired information. The user can choose from 10 available colors, and adjust the thickness;
  • "Arrow" points a certain area or sentence. Ten basic colors are available, as well as adjusting the size of the figure;
  • "Add Image" from your computer's memory or by linking to a picture on the Internet;
  • "Underline" and "Strikeout" allow you to underline or strikeout part of the text in a document, respectively;
  • "Signature". This function is designed to create your own signature and then paste it into the document. You can write your own initials, draw it yourself or paste the ready variant from a graphic file. After that it can be inserted into the document.

Other convenient PDF tools

Now that you know how to edit a PDF file without software using our service, check other ways to modify and improve your documents,

Split PDFs after editing them if you found extra or unnecessary pages in the file.

Add header or footer to PDF to edit PDF with multiple pages at once.

Resize PDF to turn A4 to A3, A5 or US Letter.