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The fastest and easiest way to convert DOCX to PDF online

or drag & drop

Structure preserved

Word docs might contain tables, graphs, headers and footers, and other elements. This DOCX to PDF converter makes sure the complex formatting of your document is preserved during the conversion.

Instant Word to PDF converter

Just upload a Word document and get the resulting PDF in no time. PDF Candy's cloud servers enable us to provide you with the highest DOCX to PDF conversion speed.

Change DOCX to PDF online

You don't have to download anything to convert DOCX to PDF. Work in the browser online and save precious storage on your device, as there is no need to have extra software or apps installed.

Convert documents securely

Any documents you upload are only used according to the tool's functionality. We never share files with third parties and store them for no longer than 2 hours.

One-click DOCX conversion

We simplified the process to one single operation. Enjoy the easiest-to-use DOCX to PDF converter: upload a text file and get the result in mere seconds.

Upload output file to a cloud

After converting Microsoft Word to PDF, you can save the created document to supported cloud storages. Save the output PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox and provide your colleagues with access to the file.
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How to convert DOCX to PDF?

1Upload a DOCX or DOC file by clicking “+Add file” or dragging and dropping it into the browser.
2DOCX to PDF conversion starts automatically.
3Download the output PDF to your device or save it to the cloud storage. You can create a URL link or a QR code with 7-day validity and share it, too.

Frequently Asked Questions - DOCX to PDF Converter

Can I convert multiple Word DOCX to PDF?
No, batch processing of DOCX or DOC files is not supported at the moment, but it is possible to add more than one document to our PDF Candy Desktop for Windows.
Can I change DOCX to PDF on Mac?
Sure, our DOCX to PDF converter online works on any OS and on any device, be it Macbook, iPhone or Android.

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