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Free online PDF cropper for any device

or drag & drop

Cross-platform PDF cropper

No matter which OS you are on, you can crop PDF online easily. Feel free to use PDF Candy on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other OS of your preference.

Crop PDF at no cost

No ads, no hidden fees. We make sure you can use our PDF cropping tool whenever you need it without paying a penny.

Set the new borders as you need

After uploading a file, move the dotted lines on the borders of a crop area to set them properly. Leave only essential content after you crop PDF files.

Crop PDF in two clicks

Upload a file, set its new borders, receive an output file, and that's it. No registration is necessary to crop a PDF with PDF Candy.

Upload PDFs from a device or cloud

As you might need to crop PDF files that you store in the cloud, this PDF cropper allows you to upload docs from Google Drive or Dropbox as well as from your device.

Stay productive

New cropping settings are automatically applied to all the pages in your file. Thanks to cloud servers used, you get an output doc as fast as possible. Your time matters.
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How to crop a PDF?

1Upload your file to a PDF cropper. Choose a file from a computer, or use Google Drive or Dropbox. Or simply drag and drop it into the white box.
2Move the vertical and horizontal dotted lines on the borders of the uploaded file preview to set the canvas size for the newly created PDF.
3Click the "Crop PDF" button to initiate the process.
4Get an output PDF and either download it back on your device or upload it to the cloud (Google Docs/Dropbox) for easier access.

Crop a PDF - FAQ

Is it secure to crop PDF online?
We do not share the files with third parties. The files are stored only for 2 hours on our servers.
Is it possible to crop specific pages in PDF?
The PDF cropper cuts all the pages of document based on the preview of the first page. If you want to crop exact PDF pages, you should extract the pages first and then crop them individually.
Does the platform offer any other PDF tools?
PDF Candy provides other helpful tools such as PDF editor, PDF splitter and 40+ more.

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