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How to Edit PDF on iPhone

How to Edit PDF on iPhone

by Alexa Davis

Sometimes you have to change data in a PDF document as fast as possible. And thousands of users hit a roadblock at this point because PDF files are difficult to modify. Today we will tell you how to edit PDF on iPhone. We'll show you a simple method of editing existing PDF text as well as adding new text, objects, formatting, and more.

How to edit PDF on iPhone:

  1. Go to the PDF Editor.
  2. Upload the document from your iPhone or via Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. Now the PDF document can be edited. You can modify existing text online. The web application automatically detects fonts and lets you edit without losing formatting. In addition, you can use all the editing tools described below to make other types of changes.
  4. After all the necessary changes are done save the PDF. Click the "Export" button.

How to edit PDF on iPhone online

After exporting, editor prompts you to save the file or continue editing. At this stage, the user can compress the file, convert it to DOCX, crop or sign PDF. Rearranging pages or setting a password are also possible.

Then you can share, print and send PDF document for re-editing. You can also upload PDF back to cloud storages.

Tools to edit PDF on iPhone

Hand tool

Press this tool of the PDF editor to scroll the pages of the document in any direction.

Select tool

Use this tool to pick text, graphics, and pictures for further processing to edit PDF online.

Text tool

Allows the user to insert his own text content or edit the existing one in the PDF. The following options of the online PDF editor are available: setting the font color and size, as well as boldness and italics. Elect the area where you want to add the text, choose the settings, and type the desired content.

Highlight text

Choose coloring and opacity to mark text differently.


The functions of this tool are fully consistent with the name. You can draw with simple movements on the smartphone screen.


It is used to highlight some important areas of ​​the PDF file. It can be a picture, a table, a paragraph, and so on. You set the color, the thickness of the outline and fill, and the transparency of the object. Pick a tool, adjust the parameters, and drag your finger from one corner of the rectangle to the other.


Hide documents' content by placing a white overlay to white out on PDF.

Line and Arrow

You can use these tools to draw the reader's attention to an important point in the PDF document. For example, the mandatory terms of the contract, indicate the sequence of actions in the instructions, and so on. Select a function, the thickness and color of the line, and drag it across the screen where the pointer should be.

Add Image

This function is used when you want to add a graphical object to the page. Load the file from your mobile device. If the picture appears elsewhere, you can in advance move and resize it.


Draw attention to the text using the colored line below the words you need.


Pick this tool to indicate that the selected text needs improvement or contains excessive information.


Inserts ones' personal autograph. You can create your own entry and paste it into the PDF file.

Advantages of online PDF editor on iOS

  • The service works on all iPhone models, such as PRO, PRO Max, Mini, Plus, SE.
  • Does not require free memory on the device. PDF editor only requires a stable Internet connection.
  • The online platform quickly processes electronic data even on outdated Apple models.
  • Ability to work from anywhere, regardless of time or location.
  • Processed files are stored on the online PDF editor's servers for two hours. Due to this, users can immediately find a PDF file they have recently worked on.


We have described how to edit files on iPhone using the free service and its features. Editing PDFs on iOS or any operating system or any device should no longer be a problem for you. So if your boss asks you to amend a ready-made PDF, you can do it even when you're on the go.

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