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Rearrange pages
How to Rearrange PDF Pages
How to Rearrange PDF Pages

How to Rearrange PDF Pages

by Alexa Davis
Feb 21, 2024

Knowing how to rearrange PDF pages is a vital skill if you frequently work with digital documents and need to organize, edit, or present information effectively. Today, we will show you how to reorder pages in PDF files for free.

Since this can be done online, all you need is a browser and internet access. The whole process is very intuitive and doesn't require any installation. Follow the tutorial below to change the order of pages in your PDF document in no time!

How to rearrange PDF pages online for free?

PDF Candy is an online platform that provides a range of features, including the ability to convert, merge, split, and edit PDF files. It also has a tool to organize PDF pages.

  1. Head over to the rearrange PDF pages tool.
  2. Upload the PDF: click "Add file", drag-and-drop the files, or upload them from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Change the order of PDF pages with your mouse cursor. Rotate or delete pages if needed.
  4. Click the "Rearrange pages" button to apply changes.

How to rearrange PDF pages for free

Save and share the created file

After you rearrange pages in your PDF document, you have 3 options:

  • Download the created file after you reorder PDF pages. Click the relevant button to save the file to your device.
  • Otherwise, upload the organized PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox for convenient group access.
  • You can also share the document by creating a download link. To do that, click "Share file".

Move PDF pages with total security

We guarantee the safety of your data when using our online PDF page organizer. All files, be it private or confidential documents, will never be shared with third parties.

All documents (uploaded and created) are automatically removed from our servers in 2 hours.

When you share files via the link, it is active for seven days after the creation. Still, both the link and the file can be manually deleted beforehand.


What if my PDF is password-protected?

A: You may need to enter the password to unlock the PDF before rearranging pages. Ensure you have the necessary permissions.

Will rearranging pages affect the quality of the PDF?

A: No, rearranging PDF pages does not impact the document quality. It simply changes the sequence of the existing pages.

Is it possible to rearrange pages between different PDF documents?

A: Yes, you can merge several PDF files and then rearrange their pages.

Can I move pages in scanned PDFs?

A: Yes, if the scanned document is in PDF format, you can still rearrange its pages using an online PDF rearranger.

How do I delete pages if needed?

A: Just hover the mouse over the page thumbnail and click on the red cross.

Can I rearrange pages in a document with different orientations (portrait and landscape)?

A: Yes, our platform can handle mixed orientations without issues.

How to rearrange PDF pages: Conclusion

In conclusion, the ability to organize PDF pages effortlessly offers users unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Whether you are a student reorganizing research findings, a professional tailoring your presentation, or an individual seeking to enhance document flow, PDF Candy allows you to easily rearrange pages in any PDF file.

Tools to further edit PDF online

After resolving the question of how to rearrange PDF pages, feel free to further edit the file.

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