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2 Ways How to Crop PDF on Mac

2 Ways How to Crop PDF on Mac

by Alexa Davis

Although there are many tools for working with PDF files, it is difficult to find information on how to crop PDF on Mac. Sometimes you only need a certain image or piece of PDF to reuse in other projects. For example, you may want to crop a PDF to use a header for a brochure, flyer, or business card.

We offer you 2 ways to crop PDF on macOS: online and offline. Both ways are absolutely free. Read the article to familiarize yourself with them.

How to crop PDF on Mac online?

  1. Open the online service to crop PDF in your browser such as Safari.
  2. Click the 'Add file' or drag and drop a document.
  3. Move the vertical and horizontal lines on the borders.
  4. Click the 'Crop PDF' button to apply the changes.

Crop PDF on Mac

How to crop PDF on Mac offline?

The only built-in tool for Mac users to crop a PDF in Preview. Preview is an inefficient service if you have a PDF with multiple pages. Preview will only allow you to crop things on one page at a time.

  1. Open the document in Preview.
  2. Click "Show Markup Toolbar".
  3. Click "Rectangular Selection" to open the functionality to crop a PDF.
  4. Mark the area of the file you want to keep .
  5. Click "Crop" on the Markup Toolbar.

PDF Candy vs Preview

PDF Candy's "Crop PDF"Preview's "Crop PDF"
Free online toolBuilt-in Mac tool
Online resource that can be used on any device (Macbooks, PC, mobile devices, tablets)Cannot be used on anything besides a Mac
Can crop several PDF pages at onceCrops every page of a PDF individually
Files can be saved to Google Drive, Dropbox or shared as a linkOnly saves files to device
Simple in useTime-consuming to learn

Cropping PDF on Mac with PDF Candy is a simple and straightforward process that uses no resources of your computer. Save the files you create to the cloud via Google Drive or Dropbox or share them via a URL. If the created document is too large, you can reduce PDF file size on Mac in a couple of clicks.

You can also crop a PDF with multiple pages instead of processing one page at a time with Preview.

All files uploaded to and downloaded from our site are completely secure, we never store uploaded data and automatically delete it 2 hours after you finish. According to our privacy policy, your documents are kept safe and never shared with third parties.

Conclusion on 2 ways to crop a PDF on Mac

Mac users usually have to pay for basic PDF editing tools or use severely limited or complicated free editors. We offer a simple, reliable, and free way to crop PDF online on macOS or any other OS. No learning curve or additional software is required.

What else can you do with a PDF

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Compress PDF if the files are too large for sharing.

Use the PDF to Word converter to turn a PDF document into an editable DOC or DOCX format.