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Add watermark
How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint
How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint

by Alexa Davis
Dec 13, 2023

A great way to protect your intellectual property is to add a watermark to a PowerPoint presentation. It helps prevent the embezzlement of your work, which can be especially beneficial if you share your presentation online or with a large audience.

Watermarks also bring extra professionalism and branding to the presentation. Having the ability to add a watermark in PowerPoint can be extremely helpful in creating professional-looking presentations.

Method 1. Online PDF editor

Adding a watermark to a PPT can be an excellent method to protect what you have done or bring in a personal touch. You can effortlessly add a personalized watermark to your PowerPoint file with an online service.

Step 1. Convert PowerPoint to PDF:

  1. Open the online PPT to PDF converter in a preferred browser.
  2. Click the "Add file" or drag and drop it into the browser. Also, you can upload a presentation from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Download the output PDF.

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint online_1

Step 2. Apply a watermark to the PDF:

  1. Go to the watermark creator and press the "Add file" button to browse the PDF.
  2. Enter the text or add an image.
  3. Adjust its position – choose between top, middle, or bottom: left, center, right. After all changes, hit "Add Watermark".
  4. Click "Download File".

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint online_2

The advantages of using this web-application are numerous:

  • It is easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge or experience;
  • You can access the tool from any device with an internet connection;
  • A watermark would be applied to all pages with a single click;
  • The service is free of charge and swift;
  • It is secure and private;
  • Wide range of other tools for further editing: PDF merger, PDF splitter and so on;
  • You can store your files safely in cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) after downloading them.

Following these simple steps, you can quickly create a custom watermark in a PPT presentation in no time!

Method 2. In-built PowerPoint tools

Watermarking your presentation is a perfect solution for the protection and recognition of your work. Customize your PDF using Microsoft PowerPoint, which offers several editing options that allow you to add a watermark. They include WordArt, SlideMaster, and a Text Box.

Option 1. Text Box

How to insert a watermark in PPT using a text box:

  1. Open the slide you wish to add a watermark to.
  2. Select the "Insert" tab from the top menu bar.
  3. Click the "Text Box" icon in the "Text" group. Drag and drop the text box onto your slide.
  4. Enter the text you want to use as a watermark. Change the font size and type.
  5. Select "Format Shape". Choose a new fill color for the box, such as light gray, making it less visible on your slide.
  6. Adjust opacity if needed by dragging the slider left or right until you reach the desired transparency level.
  7. Press "OK" to save and apply changes to the slide.

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint TextBox

Option 2. WordArt

Adding a watermark with WordArt is very similar to a text box:

  1. Go to "Insert" and select "WordArt" from the *"Text"** group.
  2. Enter the desired text and format it.
  3. Right-click on the object, then select "Format WordArt".
  4. Under "Fill & Line", hit the "Fill" dropdown menu - "Picture/Texture Fill".
  5. Press "File" and choose an image from your computer that you'd like to employ as a backdrop.
  6. Alter the dimensions and placement are done, tap "Apply".

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint WordArt

Note: If you use these two options, you will need to manually watermark all necessary slides.

Option 3. SlideMaster

Look how you can add a watermark using SlideMaster in Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Open a presentation and head to the "View" tab. Press the "Slide Master" option to open the SlideMaster view.
  2. Go to the "Insert" tab and select "Picture".
  3. Choose the image you want as your watermark and click "Insert". A watermark will appear at the top of all of your slides. You can change its size and move it as needed.
  4. Once finished, go back to "Normal View" and save.

How to Add a Watermark in PowerPoint SlideMaster

Note: This way would watermark all slides in the selected slide set.

Are PowerPoint watermarks effective?

Watermarks are a good way to protect the presentation from being leaked online. But how effective are they really?

Watermarking your presentation with text or images in PowerPoint makes it simple to prevent anyone from trying to steal your work. After all, it's pretty clear that the content belongs to you. The downside is that the watermark can be easily removed by anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Office applications.

The best way to protect your work is to put a password and apply a watermark at once. In this case, only those with the correct password can access and modify the presentation. It also prevents people from just taking screenshots of the slides and sharing them online.

Tips: Add watermark to PPT file

  1. Start with the basics. Learn how to add text, shapes, and images as watermarks.
  2. Choose a template. Look for templates with pre-made watermarks to save time adding one yourself.
  3. Learn the tools. Explore the options that help adjust colors, transparency, and more.
  4. Try different fonts. Select an appropriate font that stands out but does not interfere with the content of your presentation.
  5. Select a good placement. Insert a watermark in PowerPoint at the bottom or top of each slide or on the background so it shows up on every page.
  6. Make it unique. Create a custom watermark with your logo, business name, or website URL to ensure the presentation is unique and easily recognized by viewers.
  7. Keep it subtle. Make sure the watermark does not take away from other information on the page. Use light colors and check that it does not dominate the slide design.
  8. Use a picture. Incorporate a picture or logo as a watermark and alter its size and translucency to guarantee it is not excessively obtrusive.
  9. Save as an image. Save your watermark as an image file and use it as a background when creating new presentations in PowerPoint.
  10. Test before sharing. Test out your work on multiple devices. This will help ensure that everything looks good before you share it with others!


1. Where does my added watermark appear on my slides?

By default, any added watermarks will appear behind all other content on your slides. However, you can move them to any position.

2. What is the best way to position my watermark?

The optimal approach to placing the watermark depends on what type of slide layout you are using and what you are trying to accomplish with your presentation. Generally speaking, it is best to place it near the bottom and slightly off-center in order to not draw attention from other elements.

3. How do I change the opacity of a watermark in PowerPoint?

To modify the transparency of a PowerPoint watermark, click "Design" and select "Background" then choose "Customize Watermark" and adjust the slider to set the desired opacity level.

4. Can I adjust the size of my added watermarks?

Yes, when inserting a picture or text-based watermark, you have the option of adjusting its size by entering specific dimensions into the size boxes located in the Format menu (Design tab).

5. Does adding a watermark affect my presentation's file size?

Generally speaking, inserting a watermark should not significantly alter the size of your presentation. But if you are using high-resolution images for your background or multiple layers of pictures/texts then it may lead to an increase in file size.

How to add a watermark in PowerPoint: Conclusion

Inserting a watermark in a PowerPoint presentation effectively emphasizes your brand. It ensures your content is not copied without permission.

Always verify the watermark you add does not distract from the presentation's content. It should be positioned so that it stands out without being too intrusive.

Overall, creating a watermark in PowerPoint is reasonably straightforward and should be done carefully to maximize its impact.

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