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Convert PDF to Word Document Without Software
Convert PDF to Word Document Without Software

Convert PDF to Word Document Without Software

by Alexa Davis

PDFs are a popular format because their content is unchangeable and secure. It is often necessary for individuals and businesses to know how to convert a PDF to a Word document without software. The most common of them is the expensive Adobe Acrobat.

You will be surprised but to export PDF to DOC format, you do not need to install any additional program or pay a subscription fee. This article describes free methods of how to convert PDF to Word without Adobe.

1. How to convert PDF to Word document without software

The first way of converting PDF to DOC is using a web-based converter. With PDF Candy, you can change PDF to Word online in just a couple of clicks in any browser of your choice. The whole process is quick and easy no need to download and install anything on your device.

Below is the instruction on how to save a PDF as a Word document without software:

  1. Open the online PDF to Word converter in a browser on your device: Safari, Chrome, Mozilla - any will work.
  2. Upload the files for the PDF to Word DOC conversion on the website. You can do so with the "+ Add File" button or by dragging and dropping them directly into the window.
  3. The service will begin converting PDF to Word automatically. By default, your PDF will be converted to DOC format.
  4. Download the created Word document with the corresponding button on the Done page.

Convert PDF to Word document without software

After you export your PDF as a Word doc, you can share without downloading via the created URL link with a QR code. As Word files are typically smaller, you won't need to compress your PDF to send via email. After converting PDF to DOC, the new document can easily be sent as an attachment or embedded into a web page.

Advantages of the PDF to DOC converter

  • Free online PDF to Word converter that is compatible with any browser.
  • Can be used to convert PDF to Word online on any device - Androids and iPhones (Pro, ProMax, Plus, Mini, SE), Windows (7, 10, and other), and Mac (iMac, MacBook Air, and Pro);
  • Supports uploading documents from Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • After converting PDF to Word, stores your files for 2 hours;
  • Has a user-friendly interface and does not add watermarks to your files.
  • Apart from the tool to export PDF to a Word document, offers 47 additional instruments.

Other features of the website

  • Extract images from PDF to to preserve their quality as you convert your PDF to DOC or perform other manipulations with the file.
  • The PDF to Excel converter will turn your document into an XLS spreadsheet in a few seconds.
  • Protect PDF to secure sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized use.

With this free online PDF-to-Word converter, you don't need to download many applications to change PDF to Doc. Also, regardless if you use macOS at home, Windows at work, or iPhone in your everyday life, you can convert PDF to Word online on any of them.

2. How to save PDF as a Word document using Google Docs

You may also change PDF to Word online with the web-based editing suite. Many think that it only allows users to create and share digital documents. However, it also includes a tool for converting PDF to Word documents. So, you can quickly and easily get a DOC file without having to install any extra software.

Below are the guidelines on how to export PDF to Word with this approach:

  1. Go to Google Drive and log in with your account.
  2. If you do not have the desired PDF in the storage yet, click the "New" button and select "File Upload".
  3. Under Files locate the document for PDF to DOCX conversion. Hit the three-dots icon and select the "Open with" option. Pick "Google Docs" from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the "File" menu, locate the "Download" option. Choose "Microsoft Word (.docx)" as the file's outcome format.
  5. The converted Word document will now be saved on your computer in the Download folder.

Collaborating on a document can be difficult when it is a PDF file. However, with a Word document through Google Docs, multiple users can make edits and suggestions in real-time. Once you convert PDF to Word online, it becomes easier for team members to work together on the same project, avoiding the need to dispatch numerous duplicates of the file.


  • Fast and easy way to change PDF to Word online and free.
  • Allows to edit PDF before downloading it as a DOCX file.


  • You must have a Google account to export PDF to a Word doc with this method.

Hence, services like Google Docs used to be extremely useful for the online manipulation of digital documents. However, now you can make changes to PDF with an online PDF editor - adjust the text, add images, and perform other edits.

3. How to convert PDF to DOCX using Microsoft Word

Apart from the mentioned above option, you can also use Microsoft Word as a PDF-to-Word converter. If you already have this application on your computer, you will be able to change PDF format to Word in no time.

Here is how to save PDF as Word with this program:

  1. Open the software on your computer.
  2. Select the document for PDF to Word DOC conversion by going to the "File" menu and clicking "Open". Locate the PDF and click "Open".
  3. As you receive the notification that the program will make a copy of your file and export the PDF content to a Word document, click "Ok".
  4. Now you may edit the content if needed. Afterward, go to the "File" menu again and hit the "Save" option.
  5. Enter the name of the file and choose the location for the new file to be stored. Click "Save".

Employing this approach for converting PDF to Word you can immediately edit your newly created DOC file without additional steps.


  • The PDF to Word converter changes the format automatically as you open the PDF in the program.
  • You can edit the content in the text editor right after the PDF to Word conversion.
  • Option to export in DOC and DOCX format, as well as convert Word to PDF back.


  • You may lose the original formatting when using this method to convert PDF to Word.
  • Only will work if you have the software already or are willing to pay for the license.

People look for free ways how to convert PDF to Word without Adobe, which Microsoft Word is not as it requires a license to use. If you already installed the software to your device or it is offered through your job, then this approach to converting PDF to DOC and DOCX is worth giving a try.

How to convert a PDF to a Word document without software: conclusion

Converting a PDF to a Word file commonly necessitates expensive software or service. However, there are ways how to save PDF as Word that do not require installing an application or signing up for a subscription.

Take advantage of the described free online PDF-to-DOC converter as well as other methods how to export PDF as a Word document. These tools allow you to quickly convert your files effortlessly and without additional costs.