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How to Sign Documents on iPhone
How to Sign Documents on iPhone

How to Sign Documents on iPhone

by Alexa Davis
Jan 26, 2024

By learning how to sign documents on your iPhone, you can save yourself a trip to the post office or a store to have them printed and signed. This makes it easier to handle contracts, legal agreements, applications, and other documents that require signatures.

Today we'll provide you with 2 ways to sign documents both online and offline on iPhone.

Option 1. How to sign documents on iPhone online

PDF Candy is fast, secure, and enables you to sign different types of documents on the go. The service allows you to sign PDF online for free and provides a great alternative to standard paper-based methods. Plus, it's free and easy to use!

Here's how to get started:

  1. If you need to add a signature to a PDF, skip this step and go to the next one. In case you need to sign a Word document or another type of file, you have to turn your document into a PDF using an online PDF converter.
  2. Upload the document to the PDF signer by clicking the "Add file" button.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, you'll see the "New signature" button on the upper part of the screen. Click it and draw the signature or type your name. You can also upload any image image to be used as your signature.
  4. Drag and drop the signature to adjust its size and position on the page.
  5. When you're satisfied with the result, click "Export file". The document will be saved as a PDF with your signature embedded in it.


Exploiting the online document signing tool to sign a PDF on your iPhone has many advantages. You can download a signed PDF, upload it to a cloud service, or create a shareable link.

If you log in to your account you can sign documents with your iPhone on the way to work and download them using another device. If you find mistakes in the completed document use the online PDF editor to quickly remove them or edit text.

Option 2. Sign documents on iPhone using Markup

You can insert a signature to PDFs and other types of documents using Markup. It's a set of built-in annotation and drawing tools that allow users to edit images, screenshots, and documents directly on their iOS devices.

Your iPhone already has everything you need. All you have to do is open the document in the app that supports Markup (Files, Mail, Messages, or Photos). , follow Below you'll find the simple instructions for each app.

Messages and Mail

  1. Open the document and click the Markup button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap "+" and choose "Signature".
  3. Select your signature if you have saved copies or draw a new one.
  4. Position the signature on the screen and click "Done".

Messages and Mail


  1. Find the desired file in the app. Click and hold its preview.
  2. Tap "Quick Actions" and select Markup.
  3. Click "+", then "Signature" and to sign the PDF on your iPhone.
  4. Adjust the size, move the signature to the desired place, and tap "Done".



  1. Open the scan of your document, press "Edit" and the Markup icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click "+" and "Signature".
  3. Once you have created or selected your signature, you can drag it onto the document wherever you want it to be. It can also be resized.
  4. Having finished signing, tap on the "Done" button at the top of your screen and then save the file.


Knowing how to sign documents on an iPhone through Markup has several advantages. The tool allows you to save signatures for future use, thus, avoiding the need to re-create them every time. Plus, signed documents can be synchronized across all your Apple devices through iCloud.

However, there is a drawback as well. Certain documents may not be compatible with Markup. In this case, you can use the free PDF converter to transform the file to PDF format. You can then sign converted documents online or using Markup.


Does my iPhone have a built-in way to sign a PDF?
Yes, the Markup function is built-in on iOS. You can add a signature to PDF and some other documents on your Apple device without any additional apps.

How to save my signature on the iPhone?
All signatures that you add using the Markup option are saved automatically. You can also create an image file and save it for further use.

Can I add multiple signatures to documents on my iPhone?
Yes, you can save several signatures and insert them in the same file of different documents.

Do I need an Apple Pencil to insert a signature to PDF documents on my iPhone?
No, you can use your finger to create a signature if you don't have the Apple Pencil.

How do I protect signed files?
You can add a password to PDF using your browser.

Final words

In conclusion, signing documents on iPhone is a simple and secure process.

With the help of this guide, you can quickly sign documents online and offline without extra apps. This can save time and effort, as well as provide authenticity to important documents such as contracts and agreements.

Knowing how to sign a PDF on your iPhone and how to add a signature to other documents is especially important for people who want to work on legal papers on the go.

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